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Mother's Day on the Dairy Farm Interview

Written by Emy Millican

Photo of Silva Family.

Ah-Zet Dairy in Buhl, Idaho is owned by David and Denise Silva & EV Farms. Their farm consists of 2,000 milking cows and 200 approximate acres of farm ground. I thought of interviewing Denise because she is one of the kindest mother's I have met and she will go out of her way to help others. As a new mother myself, I came to Denise for help. She took time out of her day, printed out baby food recipes and gave me products she used for her kids so that I would have peace of mind when walking into this new space of motherhood. What better way to honor Mother’s Day this year than to interview this amazing mother of four.

Emy Millican: What will your Mother’s Day look like this year?

Denise Silva: It will be with all my kids! My oldest is home from college. We will just be enjoying the beautiful weather, barbequing and helping the boys walk their 4-H heifers. Which walking the heifers is usually a family affair, and because we are in the breaking process, it is every day!

EM: Would you say that raising kids in the dairy and farming industry is valuable?

DS: Raising kids on a farm has been such a blessing; not everyone can say they have cows literally in their backyard but we do! We at times take the cows being close for granted, but the conversations and life lessons that we have gotten definitely are not. As a mom we always hope that we are raising our kids the “right way” but you add animals, large equipment, and employees you quickly find out there is no book for that!

EM: How would you best describe your kids and what they like to do?

DS: I have four kids. My oldest is in college majoring in Animal Veterinary Sciences on the Pre-Vet track. My second is into technology and Legos, he has the engineering brain. The third, a go-getter that is going to raise cows and be just like his dad. The fourth is a toddler who is mesmerized by “moos” and tractors and will walk half a mile to get to them! They are all finding their way and place on the farm, and I just hope as a mom in this industry I have made a space for my daughter in it and I have taught my boys that there is a place for care taking in the industry.

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