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Riverbend Dairy Rotary Startup Week: Off without a Hitch

It was a big week for our company starting Monday, March 11, 2024. We can say the first BouMatic 120 stall rotary in the WORLD is a success! This is a big project for our company and we are proud to say that our team handled it like the professionals we strive to be. Follow #RiverbendDairy for more photos and videos.

PDS Rotary Barn Details

Owner: Jordan Jarvis


  • 120 stall Xcaliber 360EX all SS w/ all controls & VFD's

  • Vacuum system including 3)BP500 vac pump assemblies w/ 30hp motors

  • Milk harvest pkg including receivers, MP controls, air inj., milk filters, Vat, etc.

  • Reverse Drain assy, to drain the deck to the outside of the rotary

  • Cluster package- 3/4 formed claws, shells, hose and Hiflo Evo pulsation

  • Blom hose supports

  • Wall mount touch screen displaying rotary info

  • Smart Dairy Automation

  • Flow-through Meters

  • Dual Sort Gates

Cooling with Heat Recovery: WHRL Solutions

Sanitary Piping, Valves and Pumps

Miscellaneous Parlor items & Milk House Items

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC):

  • Allen-Bradly unit with Mowhawk Technology support:

    • Includes PLC w/ battery backup, 32 DI card, 32 DO card, 6 RTD input card, 4 AO card and 8 AI card. 12" HMI in washdown enclosure, rotary receiver controls, Milk/Wash control, vac controls w/ system integ., 2 milk tank temp transmitters, 9 prox switches, 2- 2" tri-clover temp transmitters, 1 milk filter pressure transmitter, hot water temp transmitter, plate cooler water control system, water storage silo level transmitter, conductivity meter for monitoring CIP concentrations, milk meter and auto crowd gate control.

Air System: Rodgers Air Compressors

Crowd Gate:

  • Vandenburg Crowd Gate

  • Heavy Duty Crowd gate, 54' width, cable fence, w/channel

Silo: DCI 30,000 Gallon Milk Silo

Photos by Emy Millican

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